Student Organizations

Business Club

Mission Statement

To provide Pine Technical and Community College students with opportunities to develop and use their business and leadership skills while they prepare for their careers.

Vision Statement

To develop fellowship among Club members through collaborative efforts to make a difference on Pine’s campus and in the community.


The Pine Business Club is a student-led organization in which students will have opportunities to use their business skills and strengthen their professional relationships within the college and in the community.

Students will plan and coordinate activities that involve direct contact with campus personnel and people in the community. Activities may include meetings, trainings, workshops, conferences, etc. The number of events and activities each year will depend on the interests of the membership as well as resources.

The Business Club will:

  • Provide academic, professional, and social opportunities for students
  • Use business methods and processes
  • Promote communication and networking among students, Pine employees, alumni, and members of the community
  • Identify training needs, guest speakers, service projects, and fellowship opportunities

Business Club Advisor, Gavin House:

Computer Club

Mission Statement

The Pine Technical & Community College Computer Club seeks to learn and discover new and current concepts in the fields of computer science and robotics. The club's goal is to promote, protect and innovate a better understanding of current technologies and develop prototypes and new concepts to expand the field's technology, while making information available for study by members of the greater community.

Vision Statement

To embrace new technology and make new discoveries in the fields of computer science and robotics with a high standard of ethics in service to the community.

Computer Club Advisor, Chris Morgan:

Ever Green Club (Inactive)

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Ever Green Club is to make a positive difference for Pine Technical & Community College students by encouraging environmental responsibility and healthy living. Our mission is to educate, inform and inspire. We are committed to providing a broad spectrum of information and resources on environmental topics, to developing leadership skills through projects and partnerships with students and the community, and to supporting advocacy work on behalf of sustainable living practices. The Ever Green Club values environmental integrity, commitment and courage.

Vision Statement

First and foremost, we will build an all inclusive student organization. We will encourage open dialogue, new ideas, innovation and imagination from all members of our school student body. Our vision is to become a leader in environmental education and action in our school and our community. By setting goals and creating means of assessment to determine our success, we will have the most environmentally responsible institution and student body of any college within 100 miles.

Ever Green Club Advisor, Eric Jensen:

Health Sciences Club

Mission Statement

The Pine Technical & Community College Student Nursing Club is committed to promoting and preserving the profession of nursing and enhancing the nursing program experience through peer support/fellowship, advocacy, community outreach, social responsibility, and camaraderie. Goals of the club include assisting members to nurture leadership skills, develop a sense of individual responsibility, allow opportunity to appreciate and implement the obligations of citizenship while being a nurse, and to develop an appreciation of civic and social obligations of those engaged in nursing.

Vision Statement

The Nursing Club will foster an environment to develop a high standard of moral, ethical, and safe health care providers. This will be encouraged by collaboration and networking among students, between students and faculty, and with the community. Professionalism will be encouraged among students in preparation for their future careers.

Nursing Club Advisor, Anne Grahn:

Shooters Association

Mission Statement

The Shooters Association exists to promote shooting by fielding shotgun, rifle and handgun teams; to provide charitable donations to the gunsmithing department, school and the community; and, to provide scholarship assistance to qualified members in good standing in the association.

Vision Statement

(Coming Soon)

Additional notes regarding Shooters Association Membership

Any student enrolled at Pine Technical & Community College who pays annual membership dues and is a member in good standing with the National Rifle Association (NRA) may become a member of Pine Technical & Community College Shooters Association for one school year; For Shooters Association membership purposes, the school year is Jan. 1 through Dec. 31. Dues must be paid by Jan. 31 or within the first four weeks of the student's starting semester; Membership is of one classification: Annual Student.

Shooter's Association Advisor, Chris Keeler:


Mission Statement

The mission of the PTCC SkillsUSA chapter is to create opportunities for students to enhance student self-worth and employability skills for their future careers. This is accomplished through technical training, competitions, projects, and team building. The Skills club will maintain a positive public image through volunteering and completing projects to raise funds for future club projects.

Vision Statement

The vision of the PTCC SkillsUSA chapter is to have fun doing an activity loved by members while learning the skills necessary for success, as well as taking pride in all activities.

SkillsUSA Advisor, Daniel Kelley:

Student-Parent Club

Mission Statement

The mission of the Student-Parent Club is to help parenting students create innovative solutions and make informed choices to improve their lives. We motivate and encourage others to achieve their own personal and professional fulfillment. Our motto is: Together, we believe that the best in each of us enriches all of us.

Vision Statement

The Student-Parent Club will provide a venue for parenting students to balance coursework and life while attending college.

Student-Parent Club Advisor, Laureen Williams:

Fabrication Club

Mission Statement

The mission of the Pine Technical & Community College Fabrication Club is to foster a creative environment for all students to enhance their learning and interest in all types of fabrication skills. A diverse mix of students will allow for a broad range of knowledge bases and talents to develop projects that may not have been feasible with a narrow focus. By showing a mixture of Machining, Welding, Plastics, etc. students will get a more rounded look into fabrication and manufacturing.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to collaborate with other clubs to accomplish projects that would not be possible alone. Keeping up on the latest advancements in the fabrication field by organizing trips to industry trade shows and local businesses.

Fabrication Club Advisor, Darren Lund:

Robotics Club

Mission Statement

The mission of the Pine Technical & Community College Robotics Club is to help support STEM and teamwork among students. By building robots to preform at VEX U competitions, we are working together as a team and promoting creativity, technological skills, and programming skills. 

Vision Statement

Our vision is to mentor local high school students to become active in STEM projects and help them build teamwork skills. As well as encourage STEM at Pine Technical and Community College. 

Robotics Club Advisor, Jodie Klinkhammer: