2009 Site Visit

The site visit team will also evaluate whether PTCC adequately addressed the concerns noted by the HLC reviewers following the 2009 comprehensive visit and the 2009 Monitoring Report – Assessment of Student Learning.

The single concern noted in that review was as follows: “Efforts to implement practical and meaningful assessment have been uneven. While significant progress has been made and work is ongoing, the college has yet to fully implement assessment at the program level, identifying clear student learning outcomes, measuring attainment of those outcomes, and documenting use of results to identify and effect strategies to improve learning.”

Excerpts from the PTCC response in the 2018 Assurance Argument: “The assessment of student learning process was the subject of a monitoring report required by the 2009 HLC visit team. Based on that recommendation, PTCC made purposeful strides in implementing effective processes for assessment of student learning. A 5-Year Assessment Plan was prepared. Two Assessment Annual Reports were written in 2009-2010 and 2010-2011. The Assessment and Institutional Effectiveness team met regularly until 2016. In 2013 the focus of the team changed from academic assessment to the upcoming HLC accreditation visit. Much work was done by the team to draft the initial assurance argument. Unfortunately, with organizational change and loss of several key members in fall 2016, the team stopped meeting.

The new Chief Academic Officer recognized a growth opportunity to refine and expand assessment practices to include gathering program- and institutional-level assessment data, data analysis, curricular improvements, and reporting. To this end, PTCC has embarked on an initiative to gather and analyze student assessment data across a program using the Program Maturity Model framework. This initiative will be phased in from spring 2018 through spring 2019”.