300-399 Student Affairs

PTCC campus policies - 300-399 Student Affairs

300 New Student Assessment

The purpose of this policy is to improve student success in college courses through student assessment and course placement that addresses reading comprehension, written English, and mathematics knowledge and skills.

300 Appendix to Policy

All students entering the College will take the incoming student assessment for course placement unless otherwise exempt.

303 Student Complaints and Reporting

To give each student at PTCC clear understanding and due process regarding complaints and appeals that may affect academic standing, participation in programs or activities, or access to any of the college services.

307 Absence and Attendance Policy

The purpose of the attendance policy is twofold. First, the policy acknowledges that specific attendance requirements for a course are the prerogative of the instructor.

308 Student Club Bank Accounts

PTCC programs and divisions supervise and mentor student organizations and clubs in order to provide extra-curricular experiences for the study body.

Satisfactory Academic Progress

PTCC requires that students make satisfactory progress toward a degree, diploma, or certificate to remain in good standing.

311 Petition Policy

The purpose of this policy is to provide students a process whereby they can request, through a formal process, waivers or other exceptions to existing academic or other college policies or procedures

311 Appendix to Policy

Student Petition

Student Data Privacy

The purpose of this policy is to outline college procedures ensuring compliance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Minnesota Government Data Practices Act (MGDPA).

317 Appendix to Policy

PTCC or MnSCU standard application form (either the paper or online form).

319 Post-Secondary (High School) Education Options

This policy is to govern how high school (post-secondary education options) students earn secondary and post-secondary credit for college courses.

319 Appendix to Policy

The Post-Secondary Enrollment Options program is the program established by Minnesota State Statute 124D.09 to "promote rigorous educational pursuits and provide a wider variety of options for students.