Faculty Mentors



One of the most exciting elements of our faculty’s work with concurrent enrollment instructors is the mentor‐mentee relationships, in which both groups have an opportunity to learn from one another about how their students are alike and how they differ. High school teachers get to consider different methods of teaching or new kinds of assignments, while college instructors get to learn more about the changing world of high‐school graduates they’ll soon be seeing, and how prepared they are to do college work. 

A PTCC Faculty Mentor will be assigned to all Concurrent Enrollment Program teachers. The PTCC faculty mentor’s role is to serve as the instructor of record overseeing and ensuring the integrity of the course curriculum. Mentors serve a critical role in ensuring that concurrent enrollment courses meet the outcomes, expectations, and quality expected of traditional on-campus courses. Additionally, PTCC Faculty Mentors provide resources and support throughout length of the concurrent enrollment course, including, but not limited to providing the concurrent enrollment teacher with initial training, annual professional development, and on-site high school visits. 


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