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Thank you for partnering with PTCC! The colleges and universities of Minnesota State remain firmly committed to helping Minnesota’s secondary students prepare for and successfully make the transition to college, regardless of when that transition begins. 

Secondary administrators should contact the Director of Student Affairs to begin the conversation of offering concurrent enrollment courses. In partnership with PTCC, high school administrators are responsible for ensuring teachers meet proper credentials, that students meet all eligibility requirements, administering assessment testing, and other critical components of running a successful concurrent enrollment program. Please review the Concurrent Enrollment Handbook for more information. 


2020-21 HANDBOOK          2021-2022 TIMELINE


Program Requirements 

Appropriate textbook or reading materials should be ordered/used in consultation with the faculty mentor and the high school instructor. The cost of the textbooks is the responsibility of the Partner High School. Supplemental materials may suffice for a textbook with approval from the faculty mentor. 

Minnesota State has uniform pricing for concurrent enrollment programs at its institutions and charges based on a mentor-mentee relationship. Minnesota State set the two-year college fee to $3,000 per mentor-mentee relationships for each course each semester.

Students must meet both program eligibility requirements and course specific requirements.

A high school may allow non-concurrent enrollment students to take concurrent enrollment courses for high school credit only. The concurrent enrollment instructor and college or university faculty member shall ensure that all concurrent enrollment students are held to college- or university-level course standards.

All high school partner teachers are expected to meet PTCC and Minnesota State’s credentialing requirements, specific to their discipline. For most disciplines, PTCC requires that instructors minimally have a Master’s degree in the discipline or have a Master’s degree in any field, with at least 18 graduate credits (semester) in the discipline. To determine the credentialing requirements of a specific course, you can visit the Minnesota State College Faculty Credentialing website and view the credentialing fields.

When a concurrent enrollment instructor goes on unplanned short-term medical or other leave, the high school should work collaboratively with PTCC to explore options that involve instructors with appropriate credentials in the instruction and assessment during the leave. Long-term substitutes need to be approved by PTCC prior to the approved teacher going on leave.

High school instructors must teach a course that contains all learning outcomes and major content found on the common course outline. 

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