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24/7 access to twenty-six full-length, health science videos. Use your StarID or library barcode when prompted for off-campus access.
Medcom Access and Title List 2016-2017.pdf

Free Video Documentaries

Free Documentaries
More than 250 important documentaries including: Super Size Me, Sicko, Iraq for Sale, Bowling for Columbine, Eyes on the Prize, Inside Iran, Hitler's Holocaust, Auschwitz, Merchants of Cool, and Walmart.
MN Video Vault
Free videos that focus on Minnesota history, people, places, arts & entertainment, and issues. This is a great source for films on Native American culture.
PBS LearningMedia
A free service for all teachers, students and families nationwide. 
Over 1500 compelling documentaries covering topics such as Women's Issues, War, Sports, Science, Religion, Politics, Music, Culture, History, Health, Campus, and Environment.
Top Documentary Films
Collection of over 1300 stunning, eye-opening, interesting, and controversial full-length documentaries.
C-SPAN Video Library
This valuable video library includes everything that has ever aired on the C-SPAN channel.  Searchable and also includes not only legislative proceedings but thousands of hours of author interviews.