Professional Nursing II

Credits: 8

Prerequisite: NURS 2922 Professional Nursing Practicum I, NURS 2923 Role Transition: LPN to Professional Nurse, and NURS 2927 Professional Nursing I

Co-Requisite: NURS 2936 Professional Nursing Practicum II

This course continues to expand the role of the professional nurse. The focus will be on the application of the evidence-based nursing process in the care of persons throughout the lifespan who are experiencing complex, chronic, or multi-system conditions. Students will apply advanced nursing skills while integrating quality, safety, teamwork, and communication skills into various healthcare settings. Topics will include integration of Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN), recognition of potential clients, prioritizing more advanced nursing interventions, and health teaching in selected concepts and systems.

Transfer Curriculum Goal(s): none