Refund & Return of the Title IV Funds Policy



Any student who receives Federal Financial Aid (Title IV aid) and withdraws from all classes may be required to return Federal Financial Aid. Students who completed greater than 60% of the term are considered to have fully earned their financial aid. However, students who did not attend classes until the 60% point of the term, have unearned financial aid that will need to be returned to the Department of Education. The percent of the semester completed and correspondingly the percentage of aid earned, is calculated by taking the calendar days attended by the student, divided by the total number of calendar days in the term. For students who have unearned financial aid, that financial aid will be returned in the following order: 

  • Unsubsidized Direct Loan 
  • Subsidized Direct Loan 
  • Federal PLUS Loans 
  • Federal Pell Grants 
  • Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants (FSEOG) 
  • Iraq and Afghanistan Service Grants 

When the student officially withdraws from all courses after the semester begins, the Financial Aid Office will use the withdrawal date to determine the portion of the Federal Title IV aid earned (or could have been earned) to be used to pay institutional charges (such as tuition and fees).

A student is said to be officially withdrawn if they stop attending and receive failing grades in all credits. For a student who has been determined to have unofficially withdrawn, the date of withdrawal for purposes of the Return of Title IV refund calculation is deemed to be the last date of attendance recorded by the faculty at grading. 

Federal regulation requires the college to calculate the the Return to Title IV refunds within 45 days of determining an official or unofficial withdrawal date. 

In some cases, a student may withdraw from all courses before aid has been disbursed. A post withdrawal disbursement is done when a student shows they have withdrawn from all of their classes prior to financial aid disbursement but began attendance in all courses and are qualified for some (earned) aid. 

For Title IV grant eligibility only, the earned portion of the grant is disbursed to the student account and a letter is sent to student to notify them of their eligibility and right to return funds within 45 days of the date the school determined the student withdrew. 

For loan eligibility, a notice is sent to the students before any funding will be processed. The student must tell the college if they want it disbursed to them directly or to their student account. Loan funds accepted by the student will be disbursed within 180 days of the date the school determined the student withdrew. 

If the student who totally withdrew (officially or unofficially) from classes received State financial aid funding (including State Grant, Child Care Grant, SELF Loan, Safety Officer’s Survivor’s Grant, Indian Scholarship, ACHIEVE Scholarship, and Learn and Earn), a portion of the unearned funds must be returned if the total withdrawal took place within the first 20 business days of the semester (full semester classes).

Refunds for Total Withdrawal 

A refund of tuition and mandatory fees shall be provided to a student who totally withdraws from all classes according to the following schedule: 

Fall and Spring Semesters 

1st to 5th business day 100% Refund 
6th to 10th business day   75% Refund 
11th to 15th business day   50% Refund 
16th to 20th business day   25% Refund 
After 20th business day     No Refund 

Summer Semester 

1st to 5th business day 100% Refund 
6th to 10th business day   50% Refund  
After 10th business day   No Refund  
16th to 20th business day   25% Refund 
After 20th business day     No Refund 

Pine Technical and Community College’s tuition refund policy is governed by MnSCU Board Policy 5.12. The enrollment period begins on the first scheduled day of the semester or course. Drop or withdrawal dates are determined by the date the form is received in the Student Affairs Office. See the official Academic Calendar for specific dates for each term. 

Dropping a course or courses (Reduction of Credits) is when a student reduces the number of courses/credits taken but remains enrolled. This period for dropping/adding a class expires after the fifth day of the semester. (For a drop dates for Summer semester and terms less than 10 weeks, check with the Student Affairs Office). A 100% refund of tuition and fees will be provided to students who reduce their number of credits during the drop/add period. A student may withdraw from a course after the drop/add period, prior to the 80% of the term withdrawal date; however, the student has encumbered all the costs and there are no refunds. There are no automatic refunds for books, tools, or equipment. 

Total withdrawal refers to terminating all courses and enrollment in the college. As noted above, a 100% refund is given during the drop/add period. 

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