Using The Library



Read through this page to learn the basic information regarding library services, study rooms, testing, interlibrary loan, and other library offerings. Use linked resources or pages to learn more or to access resources directly! 

 Most library resources check out for 21 days and can be renewed. Fines are not charged for overdue materials, but items must be returned to avoid placement of a hold on a student’s record, preventing the student from registering for classes or receiving grades and transcripts. If individuals damage or lose materials, costs for replacement will be assessed. 

Certain library materials have greater restrictions placed on them or are only checked out for shorter periods of time. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to library staff. 


  • OneSearch is the library’s online catalog. It contains information about all the digital and print resources in our library. It also contains information about resources available to you through other libraries within the OneSearch system. Using OneSearch, you can renew material you have checked out, search the library catalog, and request material from other libraries for pickup in the library. 

Use OneSearch 

 Ask a library staff member for assistance in getting the right start to your project or assignment, citing sources, and in locating the best resources. 

Use AskMN for 24/7 research help. 

Interlibrary loan, also called ILL, is a service where other libraries will provide and ship requested books, articles, and other materials to the library at PTCC for student and faculty use. You can access and request materials through OneSearch, MnLink, or WorldCat. 

The majority of ILL services are free for you to use through PTCC! 

If you need help finding what you’re looking for, please ask library staff for assistance! 

The library has 24 desktop computers available for catalog and database searching and for computer-assisted learning and e-mail access. At some of the stations, you can use two screens, and at others, you can connect your laptop to the desktop screen to add a second screen.  

The library also has limited laptops available for checkout. Ask the worker at the Service Desk to learn more.  

Library staff members assist in general computer orientation and online registration for classes. Library staff can help you with most questions you have regarding accessing email, using Outlook 365 and other Microsoft products, connecting to campus WiFi, navigating campus online resources, and using online library resources. 

Students can print, photocopy, and scan on the student printer in the library. There is no cost for black-and-white copies and prints, while the cost is 10 cents per page for color. A page is considered one side of a sheet of paper; one sheet can have up to two pages. Each student starts with an automatic $2.00 on their account for color printing, or 20 pages. Money for color printing and copying is added to the student’s account at the Campus Store. Library staff members at the Service Desk are happy to assist with these services if you have any questions about printing, copying, or faxing. 

The library has three Study Rooms available, each varying in size and the number of people they can seat. Use of Study Rooms must be reserved. To reserve a room, stop by the Library Service Desk, and register on the sign-up form. Rooms can only be reserved for periods of two hours at a time. Please contact the library for more information. 

All testing is done through the PTCC Testing Center. Please contact the testing specialist, Patty Gerhardson, at Gerhardsonp*AT* or call 320-629-5197. 

For Accommodations, please contact Robin Johnson by email at robin.johnson*AT* or by phone at 320-629-5174. 

For Tutoring, please contact Santhi Sheehan-Lusk by email at santhi.sheehan*AT* or by phone at 320-629-4541. You may also use the tutoring center (Link to “Tutoring Center” under Student Services) in room 84, just outside the library. 

Faculty should contact the PTCC Helpdesk (helpdesk*AT* for reservation of computer and audio-visual equipment for use in classrooms. 

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