Live Online Professional Training

Receive high quality training and education from industry experts in an interactive virtual classroom experience. Employees can train right at the office and never leave their desk. Individuals can train from home or any convenient location! Learn more and register online by clicking on any of the courses below. Registration is due by December 27, 2019.

CNC Machning Basics
Thursdays, 2-4pm | 6 weeks: 1/23 - 2/27 | Instructor: Robert Bach | $244 
Learn the fundamental knowledge of how CNC Lathese and Milling Machines work. Topics include the multi-plane Coordinate Systems, standard CNC programming commands, machine maintenance, holding and cutting tools, machine setup activities and shop math. 

Discovering Your Natural Talents for Team Building 
Mondays, 1-3pm | 1 weeks 1/14-3/3 | Instructor: Mary Kay McVey | $49.99 
Determine your natural talents for career development, projects, task assignments, personal development and training goals and develop a plan to utilize those talents. Build stronger, smarter, more cohesive teams and apply the concept of talent matching within your organization. 

Introduction to Computers 
Tuesdays, 1-3pm | 8 weeks: 1/14-3/3| Instructor: Mary Kay McVey| $244 
This course helps individuals acquire a hands-on working knowlege of Microsoft Office computer applications for technial fields, including word-processing, spreadsheets, database, presentatin, learning management and internet browser tools. Basic computer skills are required.  

Leading to Impact Culture
Wednesdays, 11am-1230pm | 8 weeks: 1/15-3/4 | Instructor: Christine Ripley | $244 
This interactive course will provide participants with actiomable leadership skills and new tools to positively impact their culture in the workplace and all areas of life. Become a positive leader without ignoring areas of concern, learn how to build and maintain relationship bridges, undertand how your power (titled or implied) impacts others, and explore new tools through engating clasroom activities. Requires: Microsoft Office 2010 or newer, not included in registration cost. 

Manufacturing Processes & Production 
Wednesdays, 1-3pm | 8 weeks: 1/15 - 3/4 | 2 credits* Instructor: Jerry Musielewicz | $244 
This course curriculum is based upon federally-endorsed national standards for production workers. Students will learn Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing principles, basic supply chain management, communication skills and customer service. 

Safety Awarenss 

Section 1: Tuesdays, 12-2pm | 8 weeks: 1/14 - 3/3 | 2 credits* Instructor: Jerry Musielewicz | $244

Section 2: Thursdays, 12-2pm | 8 weeks: 1/16 - 3/5 | 2 credits* Instructor: Jerry Musielewicz | $244 

Introduction of OSHA standards relating to personal protective equipment, HAZMAT, tool safety, confined spaces and others. The course curriculum is based upong federally-endoresed national standards for production workers, and students will earn an OSHA 10 card.  Requires: Career Safe subscription, not included in registration cost. 

Technical Math
Wednesdays, 330-630pm | 8 weeks: 1/15-3/4 | 3 credits* | Instructor: Jerry Musielewicz | $366 
Students in this course will acquire a solid foundation in the basic skills of math, shop algebra, and geometry, including fundamentals of math, fractions and decimals, units of measure, lines and angles, shop geometry, circles and polygons, shop algebra, and the Pythagorean Theorem. 


Wake Up & Live - Motivation You can Use

Section 1: Monday, 1-3pm | 1 week: 1/27 |Instructor: Michael Kiefer | $49.99


Section 2: Monday, 1-3pm | 1 week: 2/27 |Instructor: Michael Kiefer | $49.99 


Learn how to be energized every day with meaningful, balanced goal-setting. Participants will generate a positive life plan for their future in several critical areas and learn a prven multi-step formula for rapid goal achievement along with the wish listing and visino board methods. 

*Credits are available through participating colleges only. Ask your college representative for details