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Considering Pine?

The best way to know if Pine Technical & Community College is right for you, is to come for a tour and meet with a Recruiterment & Admissions Specialist or our K12 Partnership Coordinator for PSEO! Visiting the campus is a tried and true way to learn if a college community and atmosphere fit you. Receive program, admissions and financial aid information, and learn how Pine's approach to education helps students succeed. We're delighted you're considering attending Pine.


Meet with a Recruitment & Admissions Specialists to learn more about programs at Pine

Molly McCann
Recruitment & Admissions Specialist
320.629.4521 | MollyAnn.McCann@pine.edu 

Bill Asmus
Recruitment & Admissions Specialist 
320.629.5189 | Bill.Asmus@pine.edu 

Meet with our K12 Partnership Coordinator if you are currently in high school and want to learn more about PSEO 

Jodie Klinkhammer
K12 Partnership Coordinator | PSEO Advisor
320.629.5117 | jodie.klinkhammer@pine.edu


Applying is a simple process that will get you on the way to achieving your goals and change your future. Get the ball rolling and apply online today!

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Visit the Campus

What's the best way to know if Pine Technical & Community College is right for you? Come for a campus visit! Visiting the PTCC campus is a tried and true way to learn if the PTCC campus community and atmosphere fits you. Receive program, admissions and financial aid information.

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First-Time Students

Is it your first time attending college? The process is easier than you might think. Get information on the application process, financial aid, and more.

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Transfer to Pine

PTCC is dedicated to helping transfer students achieve their academic and career goals. Our friendly, experienced staff is here to help.

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Accuplacer Assessment

Students who are admitted to PTCC must demonstrate their academic readiness to enroll in courses that require college-level reading, writing, and/or math skills. Students can demonstrate their academic readiness based on their performance on a variety of assessments.

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College Credit in High School

If you are in high school and interested in getting a jump-start on college, enroll in the PSEO program, and earn college credit and high school credit simultaneously!

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For Parents

As a parent, you want your child to grow and succeed in college. Here are a few tips and important information you should know as the proud parent of a PTCC Pine.

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Programs & Majors

Whether you are preparing to enter the workforce, looking to change your career path, or just learn something new, Pine Technical and Community College offers a wide variety of programs to help you get there!

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Transfer Learning Community (TLC)

Pine Technical and Community College’s (PTCC) TLC is an exciting program designed for first-year Associate of Arts students, helping them graduate on-time and connect with a network and community of peers. The TLC provides both the support and structure to give students a strong start on their way to complete a transfer degree.

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