High School Partner Information

Thank you for partnering with Pine Technical and Community College! The colleges and universities of Minnesota State remain firmly committed to helping Minnesota's secondary students prepare for and successfully make the transition to college, regardless of when that transition begins. The opportunity for high school students to challenge themselves with college-level courses without leaving their high school campus would not be possible without motivated and enthusiastic high school teachers.

Below are some resources that you may find helpful throughout the year.

Credentialing Information

As with our college faculty, minimum qualifications are required to teach for PTCC's concurrent enrollment program. For liberal arts courses, teachers must hold a masters within the discipline in which they plan on teaching, or a master's degree with a minimum of 18 graduate semester credits with the discipline in which they plan on teaching. Career and Technical Education (CTE) courses require specific educational requirements, in addition to occupational experience. To determine credentialing requirements of a specific discipline, please visit the Minnesota State College Faculty Credentialing page, where you can search credential fields for discipline specific requirements.

New Teacher Interest Process

Once it is determined by the partner high school to offer new concurrent enrollment course, the high school must indicate interest to the Director of Student Success for approval. If the new concurrent enrollment course is approved, any interested high school teachers must submit a new teacher interest form, resume/vitae, and undergraduate and graduate level transcripts, for review prior to PTCC prior to the high school submitting the course request form for the following academic year. Course request forms are due March 1st.

Although new teacher interest forms are accepted throughout the year, PTCC prefers that all documents are submitted for consideration for the upcoming academic year by May 1. The optimal time to apply to the Concurrent Enrollment Program is between January and March when high school schedules are being developed.

Interested teachers should review the Concurrent Teacher Approval Process for additional information.

Applications and supporting documents should be submitted to:

Kierstan Peck
Director of Student Success
Pine Technical and Community College
900 East Fourth Street SE
Pine City, MN 55063New Teacher Orientation

New Teacher Orientation

A new teacher orientation will be required of all new Concurrent Enrollment high school teachers. This orientation will provide information about PTCC's concurrent enrollment program, responsibilities of the high school partner teachers, and discipline specific information pertaining to the concurrent course that the teacher will offer.

The Faculty Mentor will also attend the new teacher orientation and will provide course-specific training in course philosophy, curriculum, pedagogy, and assessment. Additionally, the Faculty Mentor and Concurrent Enrollment teacher will schedule required classroom visits throughout the year.

The new teacher orientation must occur prior to the Concurrent Enrollment teacher teaching the course. (This is typically held in August of each year in conjunction with Concurrent Enrollment Professional Development Day.

Professional Development

Concurrent enrollment teachers are to participate in annual discipline specific professional development opportunities provided by the college and Faculty Mentors to further enhance the Concurrent Enrollment teachers' pedagogy and breadth of knowledge in the discipline.

While there are multiple opportunities for discipline specific professional development, a college-wide Concurrent Enrollment Professional Development day is schedule in August prior to the start of the new academic year. All new and returning Concurrent Enrollment teachers are required to attend. High school teachers must adhere to the Non-Compliance Policy for Professional Development as stated in the Concurrent Enrollment handbook.

Student Privacy

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA) prevents PTCC from sharing a student's academic record with anyone, including parents of Concurrent Enrollments students, even if a student is under 18. Unless the student completes a Release of Information Form indicating PTCC may share information, no information will be disclosed to parents (or anyone). A few important notes about this that you may find helpful:

  • It is permissible to talk with parents about general procedures and non-specific types of information
  • High school teachers and administrators can still discuss the high school portion of the class, as they would normally


Your Primary Contacts

Kierstan Peck                                           Jodie Klinkhammer
Director of Student Success                     K-12 Partnerships Coordinator
Kierstan.peck@pine.edu                        Jodie.klinkhammer@pine.edu
320-629-5180                                           320-629-5117             


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