Virtual Classroom Training


Dear Participants,

Thank you for registering for a Child Care Aware of Minnesota Northeast non-credit, hourly based Virtual Classroom Training!

  • Please follow the steps below under "Is Your System Ready", to test your device at least one week prior to class.
  • You cannot miss more than 15 minutes of class so it is important to walk through the test well in advance of your scheduled training date.
  • No refunds or makeup sessions are allowed for technology failures.

Please remember Virtual Classroom Trainings have the same expectations as face to face trainings; as well as some that are unique to online training.

  • Your environment can be a distraction to other participants
    • Make prior arrangements for Child Care so that you are not disturbed, please be sure other household members are aware of your training.
    • Please make sure pets are not a distraction to other participants or yourself.
  • You must be seen at all times in order to receive credit, keep yourself on mute unless you are speaking.
  • Absolutely No Driving while you are in class.
    • We know it can be tempting to go mobile but regardless of circumstance, be aware you will be immediately removed from training and no refund will be issued.

Please click the link below to print or download a copy of the participation guide, if applicable, prior to the start of class. 
Click here to go to the Achieve website to download your participation guide.


Only enter the classroom during your scheduled training sessions. 

Our trainers are not able to offer technical assistance during class. If you are having technical difficulties during class please contact: 866-922-9566. Please note they can only help with technical issues; for additional questions or concerns please contact our Professional Development team at  

Classroom 2, Trainer - Calie Bruender

Classroom 3, Trainer - Kristen Wheeler Highland

Classroom 4, Trainer - Marcia Schlattman

Classroom 5, Trainer - Courtney Schwarzbauer

Classroom 6, Trainer - Janice Hofschulte

Classroom 7, Trainer - Julie Fees

Classroom 9, Trainer - Karlene Dunaisky

Classroom 10, Trainer - Michelle Scott

Classroom 11, Trainer - Tanja Burthwick 

Test Classroom, Staff - Kelly Darwin

Trainer room, Staff - Annette Weaver


Is your System Ready?

Make sure Adobe Connect will work on your computer and web browser of choice. To do this, preform an Adobe Connect Diagnostic Test. You may be asked to download Flash player. 

Then open the Browser Check Meeting Room to get familiar with the classroom. 

Enter your name under "I am a Guest", click "Join as Guest". 

Your Audio and Webcam are automatically disabled when you enter the classroom. At the top of the screen you will see 4 icons.

Click on the Microphone Icon to start your microphone. Once it is set up, click the microphone icon again - this is how you will mute your microphone when you are not speaking.

Click on the "Start my webcam", then click "start sharing".

Once you have successfully tested your system, you are ready for class! Be sure to log in at least 15 minutes prior to class.

If you are having technical difficulties please call 866-922-9566 for assistance. 

We hope you enjoy your online training experience and welcome any questions or feedback at or call 320-629-5164.

2019 Virtual Training Schedule - Please remember you must register on Develop. 

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