Associate Degree in Cyber Security

In today’s digitally connected world, cyber security impacts nearly every person and every organization. Specialists in this field are likely to be front line security for their employer’s information technology infrastructure. You can expect to monitor networks, respond to attacks, assess vulnerabilities, strategize risk management, and regulate compliance among many other IT functions that focus on maintaining business integrity and security.

The Cyber Security AAS degree program at Pine Technical & Community College is available online. Choose from taking classes online, on-campus or hybrid.

  • By emphasizing real-world application, hands-on learning and industry certifications, the Cyber Security program will prepare you to be a leader in the protection of data assets.
  • The curriculum focuses on the techniques, policies, operational procedures and technologies that secure and defend information and information systems.
  • As a cyber security student, you will gain skills and knowledge in: open source applications, Linux operating systems, Microsoft technologies, wireless technologies, web application technologies, network implementation, social engineering, physical security, evaluation and design of systems and network architectures, deep understanding of routers and switches, general programming/software development concepts, web application security concepts and practices, technical direction of managing security incidents, understanding of architecture, administration and management of operating systems, networking, virtualization software and much more.
  • PTCC partners with local businesses to create opportunities for IT students. The Cyber Security program was developed with input from industry partners, which ensures course curriculum is designed to teach you the skills that are currently needed in the industry. Local organizations are in need of well-trained IT professionals and PTCC's partnership have led to internship and job opportunities for students.

New to Cyber Security Students

These two activities are focused on collaborative efforts to advance Information Security education and strengthen the national cybersecurity workforce.

National Cyber Watch Center

CCDC Competition:  I.T. Students take part in a competition showcasing their understanding and operational competency to manage challenges and protect real-world business I.T. networks.

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  • Due to the continual increase of security threats, information security specialists are in high demand. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, cyber security careers are growing much faster than average, with an 18% increase in demand projected from 2014 - 2024. The median rate of pay was listed as $90,120 as of May 2014.
  • Graduates of the cyber security program are prepared for careers as information systems professionals and system administrators responsible for information systems and security of those systems.


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