Practical Nursing - Program Requirements and Courses





Program Requirements

Performance Standards for Nursing Programs

The system of Minnesota State Colleges provides examples of performance standards, based on the Minnesota Nurse Practice Act, that nursing students are required to meet and maintain to provide safe and effective care, to be successful and progress in nursing programs.

Each standard includes required skills and a list of example behaviors necessary to provide safe and effective care. The examples listed are for illustrative purposes only and are not intended to be a complete list of all tasks in a nursing program. Some specific behavioral examples included under each standard vary depending upon the level of education being pursued.

Students with documented disabilities, or who believe they may have a protected disability, can request accommodation, which may assist with meeting the standards for nursing programs. For assistance, contact PTCC's Student Success Coordinator located in the campus library.

A copy of the Performance Standards for the Practical Nursing Degree Program is available at this link.

Apply to PTCC's Practical Nursing Program

Practical Nursing Online Application (Fall 2022 Closed). Watch for the Spring 2023 online application link to open in mid-September 2022.

Important Note

Prior to program acceptance, all practical nursing applicants must:

  • apply for acceptance to the college before apply for for practical nursing program acceptance.  Applying to PTCC is online and free!  (apply here).  We encourage applicants to apply early so course transfer needs can be staretd and completed in a timely manner
  • complete all prerequisite courses, apply and be accepted to the program prior to taking the PRSG courses
  • receive a grade of "C" or higher in all prerequisite courses and obtain a GPA of 2.8 or higher for these courses
  • meet a minimum benchmark on an entrance examination

Developmental courses may be required depending on educational background and /or assessment scores.  Developmental courses do not fulfill graduation requirements and are required as prerequisites for some courses. 

Prior to Application

Program requirements; prior to beginning PRSG Courses, all students must provide the following documentation:

  • Current Nursing Assistant Registry in Minnesota or Wisconsin 
  • Current CPR for the Health Care Provider 
  • Background study through Minnesota Department of Human Services (NetStudy) including fingerprinting to meet clinical contract requirements
  • Completed physical/immunizations forms to meet clinical contract requirements
  • Student must have GPA of 2.8 in Prerequisite courses to apply for the program.

Application and acceptance to this portion of the program is required prior to taking the PRSG courses.

Note regarding prerequisite course substitutions

The following course combination is accepted as a substitute for BIOL 1240:

    For BIOL 1240 Health & Disease in Human Body (all 3 courses listed below)
    • BIOL 1250 General Biology I
    • BIOL 1260 Anatomy and Physiology I
    • BIOL 1270 Anatomy and Physiology II

Additional information

Please refer to the Associate Degree Nursing Mobility and Practical Nursing Student Handbook for additional information.

Practical Nursing Diploma - 41 Credits

Course ID Course Name Credits
Prerequisite Course Requirements (see note above)
BIOL 1240 Health and Disease in the Human Body 4
ENGL 1276 College Composition 4
HPPC 1000 Medical Dosages 1
HPPC 1002 Medical Terminology 1
HPPC 1004 Pharmacology 1
Required Technical Courses
PRSG 1110 Foundations of Practical Nursing 3
PRSG 1200 Nursing Care of the Adult Theory I 4
PRSG 1300 Medication Administration for Practical Nurses 3
PRSG 1410 Human Development Across the Lifespan 2
PRSG 1500 Clinical Lab I 4
PRSG 2100 Nursing Care of the Adult Theory II 4
PRSG 2210 Psychosocial Nursing Care 2
PRSG 2220 Nursing Care of Women, Infants and Children 2
PRSG 2410 Transition to Practice 2
PRSG 2600 Clinical Lab II 4