Emergency Funding Resources


Students that have been affected by the coronavirus can apply for ARP emergency funds.

  • ARP COVID related financial emergency include but are not limited to: anything related to COVID: reduction in hours due to having COVID, missed work due to having COVID or missed work due to caring for someone with COVID, loss of childcare, loss of employment. 

Student Eligibility Requirements:

  • Currently enrolled in a program at Pine
  • Must be able to explain how COVID has affected their ability to finish spring semester

ARP Application Process: Application is CLOSED 

Step 1: Complete the SPRING ARPA Emergency Grant application 
Step 2: PTCC staff will determine eligibility and notify student within 5-7 business days if they are will be awarded funding. 

If students is awareded the funds will be disbursed automatically to your PTCC student account and then released to your selected refund preference (direct deposit or bank mobile). If you need to make changes to your refund preference or have questions on how to select a refund preference, please visit the PTCC BankMobile site

The Emergency Assistance for Postsecondary Students (EAPS)- APPLICATION IS CLOSED

Students are eligiblie for EAPS funding one time per academic year.  These funds are for those students who experience an event or unforeseen circumstance that negatively and severely impacts their academic success. Students must provide necessary documentation (invoice, bill, quote etc). These funds are not intended to be used for routine expenses or as a supplement to a student's education funding sources. All payments will be made directly to the third party, no payments will be made to the student. 

  • EAPS unforeseen financial emergency include but are not limited to: car repairs, past due utilities, sudden loss of income, lack of ability to purchase food. 

Student Eligibility Requirements:

  • Currently enrolled in a program at Pine
  • Experienced an unforeseen emergency that is preventing completion of college courses 

Emergency Application process:

Step 1: Complete the EAPS application APPLICATION IS CLOSED 
Step 2: Meet with an EAPS advisor and provide documentation. An EAPS advisor will contact students to set up an appointment.
Step 3: Applications will be reviewed by an EAPS approval team
Step 4: Students will be notified of award or denial of EAPS funding by the EAPS approval team
Step 5: Payment is made to the third party vendor (business)

For more information contact:

Farfum Ladroma
Director of Student Success
320.629.5161 or 800.521.7463 |Farfum.Ladroma@pine.edu | pine.edu

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