Human Services Eligibility Worker



The Human Services Eligibility Worker (HSEW) program at PTCC is designed to train indviduals to assist families during times of financial need. Often times, eligibility workers are the first line of defense against poverty for families. Eligibility workers are highly sought after by Minnesota County Human Services agencies across the state. All 87 Minnesota counties employ eligibility workers.

PTCC offers two program levels to prepare you for a career in this field and offers the only approved program in the state. The classroom portion of the program can be completed though online learning and virtual attendance while the internship occurs at a local county agency. These programs have been developed in consultation with the Minnesota Department of Human Services, and PTCC is the only Minnesota institution with an approved DHS program, and with access to the DHS computer systems MAXIS, MEC2, and MMIS. The associate degree and diploma levels provide the needed competencies to meet the requirements to test with the Minnesota Merit System.



Students completing the HSEW program will be able to: 

  • Communicate clearly, appropriately and without bias, both in written and spoken format
  • Utilize the capacities of the State systems and personal computer
  • Apply mathematical concepts and evaluate the results for reasonableness
  • Display respect of others’ privacy, lifestyle and belief system while understanding the barriers to self-sufficiency
  • Analyze complex processes and draw logical conclusions from Department of Human Services’ policy and client circumstances
  • Comprehend, analyze, and interpret public assistance programs’ manuals and resources that are written in technical language
  • Display professionalism by managing time, stress, and workload; seeking out assistance appropriately; and exhibiting a positive attitude



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