Registration Resources

Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge, tools, and resources to successfully manage your college experience and achieve your academic goals whether you are a new or returning student. PTCC staff and advisors work with students to make sure they are accurately registered for courses to keep them on track for graduation.




Registration for new students occurs during a new student orientation and registration event. Visit the Admissions page to sign up for a session, or to make an appointment with a Recruitment and Admissions Specialist. You may also call 320-629-5100 to speak with a member of the Admissions team.

Visiting students can register for up to 22 credits among all Minnesota State schools and do not need to complete the PTCC application process. Many PTCC courses are available to visiting students, provided they meet prerequisite requirements. Email if you need assistance registering for a course.

Registration for current students occurs during open registration windows and should be done in consultation with your program advisor. 

  • Before you register, verify that you do not have any holds that will prevent you from successfully registering for class. Log into eServices (link) and click on Dashboard to view any holds. 
  • Check when you can register. Registration windows open based on credits earned (not including courses in progress). To check your registration window log into eServices (link), click Courses and Registration, and select Registration Window. 
  • Make an appointment with your program advisor. Your program advisor is listed on your Degree Audit. Log into eServices, click on Academic Record and Degree Audit.

Consortium Agreements. PTCC students are required to complete the PTCC Financial Aid Consortium Agreement form to receive financial aid for program-related courses taken at more than one Minnesota State institution. Students must notify the PTCC Financial Aid department BEFORE making enrollment changes (adding courses, dropping courses, or withdrawing from courses) via email at

Minnesota State Student Planner

Students and their advisors have access to Minnesota State Student Planner which is a set of resources that help them plan and achieve their educational goals and can be accessed on any device connected to the internet:

  • Track your progress toward graduation!
  • Degree Audit – is a tool that provides a personalized listing of requirements and courses, marking them as already completed, as planned, or as still needed.
  • Stay on your path and graduate on time!
  • Graduation Planner – is a dynamic academic planning tool that uses the most up to-date information available from the student record system and Degree Audit, including transfer and in-progress courses.
  • Create your optimized schedule!
  • Schedule Builder – uses courses pushed from a Preferred Plan in Graduation Planner or manually added to create multiple possible schedules.
  • How to Guides: Minnesota State Student Planner page (
  • Review your Degree Audit to understand what courses you need to register for to complete program requirements.

  • Transferology is a free tool that can help you determine the transferability and applicability of your credits.
    • With Transferology you can:
    • Determine how your individual classes from other higher educational institutions will transfer to PTCC
    • Run a program plan to see how your classes could apply toward your PTCC degree
    • Plan for a smoother transfer process

Note: If your school or class is not listed in Transferology, this does not mean your credits will not transfer.

Important Dates and Definitions

View the course schedule to see add/drop/withdraw dates for a specific class.

  • For semester-based courses, you can add through the fifth business day of the term.
  • For accelerated courses, you can add within two business days of the start of the course.
  • When a course is full, you may add yourself to the waitlist in case a seat becomes available.
  • When a seat becomes available, the first person on the list will be notified via PTCC student email. It is essential that you check your email daily.
  • Prerequisites, holds, or instructor permission must be resolved prior to adding yourself to the wait list
  • You have 24 hours after being notified (this includes Saturdays & Sundays) to go to eServices and register for the course.  If you do not register within the 24 hour time frame, the next student on the list will be offered the seat.
  • To view your position on the wait list log into e-Services and select Courses and Registration and click Review My Plan
  • Students are responsible for dropping a course. Not attending or not participating does not constitute dropping from a course. 
    • For semester-based courses, you can drop through the fifth business day of the term.
    • For accelerated courses, you can drop the course within two business days of the term.
    • Dropped courses do not appear on your academic transcript
    • Dropped courses do not impact academic standing
    • Dropped courses will receive a full refund of tuition and fees
  • Courses a student withdraws from will appear on a transcript as a “W”. 
  • A “W” is not computed into the GPA but does factor into credit completion and could have a negative impact on a student’s academic standing. 
  • If you do not withdraw within the stated timeframe, you will receive the final grade earned for the course. 
  • A “W” grade may subject you to financial aid repayment. Contact your Student Success Advisor or the Financial Aid office at

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