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Child Care Aware of Minnesota supports the professional growth of child care providers and programs. Minnesota depends on child care providers to nurture children and prepare them for school and life. We are here to support you as you help children, families, and your community. Please reach out if you have any questions.

Meet Our Staff

Leah Budnick

Region 3 Child Care Start-up and Retention Navigator

Phone: 320-227-8311
Email: Leah.Budnick*AT*

Kelly Darwin

Professional Development Support Coordinator

Phone: 320-629-5153
Email: Kelly.Darwin*AT*

Jessica Faast

Parent Aware/CLASS Coach

Phone: 320-227-8359
Email: Jessica.Faast*AT*

Tara Hallberg

Parent Aware Recruiter

Phone: 320-318-1855
Email: Tara.Hallberg*AT*

Anne Kubesh

Region 7E Coordinator - Parent Aware Quality and CLASS Coach

Phone: 320-629-5141
Email: Anne.Kubesh*AT*

Jennifer Peterson

Region 3 Coordinator - Parent Aware Quality and CLASS Coach

Phone: 320-227-3032
Email: Jennifer.Peterson*AT*

Christine Salgy

Region 3 Child Care Start-up and Retention Navigator

Phone: 320-227-3129
Email: Christine.Salgy*AT*

Sam Sterling

CCA Grants Administrator

Phone: 320-629-5142
Email: Sandra.Sterling*AT*

Tiffany Sullivan

Professional Develop Advisor

Phone: 320-227-3069
Email: Tiffany.Sullivan*AT*

Stacy Thaler

Parent Aware/CLASS Coach

Phone: 320-227-8130
Email: Stacy.Thaler*AT*

Wendy Walburg

Dean, Continuing Education & Customized Training

Phone: 320-629-5146
Email: wendy.walburg*AT*

Annette Weaver

Education Coordinator for Child Care Aware

Phone: 320-629-5134
Email: Annette.Weaver*AT*

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Knowledgeable early educators are better prepared to help children learn and grow. We offer training opportunities and credentials to support your ongoing professional development journey.


Whether you are looking to increase your level of education or improve the quality of your program, we have grants and scholarships available to help.

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