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Giving to the Foundation

Giving to the Foundation

The Foundation was created in 1999 to help the college expand and meet the growing educational and cultural needs of residents and businesses in the region. The Foundation strives to enhance the college’s standing as the most important source of post-secondary education and training and continuing education in the area and works with PTCC to expand the relationships it has forged with businesses and the community. The annual Bridging the Dream campaign offers you a share in the success of this important institution. By making a gift to the foundation, you are helping yourself and your community.

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Foundation Board

Bob Thompson

Foundation Board President


Coleman McDonough

Vice President

North Branch High School

Oscar Sutherland


Community Member

Mike Gainor

Foundation Board

Karen Jansen

Pine City Plumbing

Jacob Kiel

Atscott Manufacturing

Jane Robbins

Community Member

Hank Schilling

Nexen Group, Inc.

Julie Schmidt

Welia Health

Lori Tapani

Wyoming Machine

Stacy Hancock

Spire Credit Union

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Foundation Mission

The PTCC Foundation is a partner to the college in providing leadership in education in the region. The Foundation will become a collaborator in building programs, services and facilities that benefit students, faculty, business, industry, and the community. The Foundation will creatively assist and collaborate with college faculty, staff and administration to enhance college life and the college’s place in the community.


Foundation Vision

The PTCC Foundation envisions expanded opportunities for students at the College and for those who wish to become students. The Foundation will involve key people at the College and in the region to develop a long-term endowment and programs to encourage and motivate students and faculty. The Foundation will facilitate, through the College, the economic development of the area and improve the region’s ability to retain qualified people in the workforce.


Foundation Values

Students first
Personal and professional development for staff
Partnerships with business, industry, agriculture and units of local government