PTCC faculty are available to connect with students to address their concerns related to their coursework and answer questions related to their program. PTCC faculty who also serve as program advisors are available to provide resourceful, strength-based guidance and support to their advisees that focuses on the areas of academic goal setting, planning, and completion.

All students are encouraged to attend classes regularly both in-person and online, which includes consistent and substantive activities with their online classes. Each faculty member addresses their availability on their course syllabi each semester. Check out the different methods below to best connect with a PTCC faculty and always follow the basic netiquette rules = internet etiquette rules.

Tips for a Successful Meeting with Faculty

This is probably the best means of initiating a conversation with a faculty member. When you compose an introductory email, please remember the following:

  • Use your email account;
  • Choose a descriptive subject line;
  • In your salutation line, address the faculty as Dear Dr. XXX, or Dear Professor XXX (if you do not know whether the faculty member has a doctorate degree);
  • Introduce yourself (name, XYZ major, relevant courses taken) and succinctly explain the reason for your email. Politely ask whether the faculty member would consider granting you a 30-minute meeting about [insert here the purpose of meeting];
  • Allow a response time of at least 48 business hours. If you do not hear back within a few days, you may gently nudge the faculty member by forwarding or re-sending your original email, politely asking whether your original email was received, and expressing your hope to hear from them.

Should you not receive a response to two emails, consider that some faculty prefer to correspond by phone. Look up the faculty member’s phone number in the PTCC directory; introduce yourself and politely request a meeting again. If you do not reach the faculty member by phone, leave a message with your name and YOUR CELL PHONE NUMBER (i.e. a phone number under which you can be reached).

Another option is to visit the faculty during their office listed on your course syllabus. Alternatively: you can wait before or after your next scheduled class and politely approach her/him about your concerns.

Some PTCC faculty have opted to utilize Microsoft Bookings for managing student appointments. Currently enrolled students can log in with the StarID to access the PTCC Faculty Bookings page.


Meeting Netiquette

  • If you made the appointment some time ago, send a brief email a few days before as a friendly reminder of the date and time of the upcoming meeting.
  • Dress professionally for the meeting in business or academic casual attire.
  • Be a few minutes early to ensure that you are on time. DO NOT BE LATE!
  • Make sure to have all applicable documents and questions ready for the faculty.
  • Bring a notepaper and pen/pencil or your laptop to take notes during the meeting.
  • Be respectful of their time—let them know if you are running a few minutes behind or if you need to leave early.
  • Introduce yourself.
  • Do not engage in excessive small talk and keep track of time so that you won’t exceed the typical 30-minute meeting time.
  • Do not take out your cell phone to write and/or answer texts and emails, and/or to answer a phone call.
  • Pose your questions and talking points, and do not be afraid to ask for clarification or additional explanations if a point is not addressed.
  • A thank you email or note to the faculty for taking the time to meet you.
  • You may need additional consultation with your Program/Student Success Advisors if concerns are not resolved.

Your Next Opportunity Awaits