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An AA degree earned at Pine Technical and Community College is recommended primarily as the transfer degree that enables students to transfer to a Minnesota four-year university and complete a bachelor’s degree. Pine Technical and Community College’s AA degree provides students with the opportunity, for those who choose, to complete a broad general education degree with an option to transfer to one of Minnesota State college and university system schools, or to a number of other partner colleges. Included in the AA degree is the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC), which contains the minimum number of credits (40) needed to complete general education requirements at all public colleges and universities in the Minnesota State system, the University of Minnesota, and many private colleges and universities. 



Students completing this certificate will be able to: 

  1. Effectively use, manage, and integrate technological tools responsibly for personal and professional purposes, 
  2. Communicate effectively using verbal, nonverbal, and written forms in diverse environments, 
  3. Gather and analyze information to find and articulate innovative solutions to problems of varying complexity,  
  4. Demonstrate personal and professional growth and lifelong learning skills, and 
  5. Demonstrate social responsibility in their profession, their community, and in the rapidly changing world. 



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