Emergency Funding Resources

Lead MN Emergency Grant:

Lead MN has an emergency grant program to help students cover unforeseen costs in times of hardship or trouble. A typical grant is up to $100 for any one individual or up to $200 for a family. Apply for an Emergency Grant through Lead MN to help cover costs such as rent, bills associated with car trouble, health emergencies, childcare, etc. The application is quick and easy, and doesn’t require documentation.



Pine Technical and Community College Emergency Funding Resources:

Pine Technical and Community College has limited Emergency Assistance Funding to assist students with urgent financial need as a result of an unforeseen circumstance. These funds are typically awarded to students to cover basic needs such as housing, transportation, utilities, child-care, physical and mental well-being or other needs specific to the student. A typical grant awarded is around $500; however, a student may be awarded more or less depending on their level of need. Because these funds are only for unforeseen circumstance, we do have a number of additional resources that students may be referred to.

To access Emergency Assistance Funding and learn about additional resources, please connect with one of the Student Success Advisors. A Student Success Advisor is available for drop-in meetings in Student Services Monday – Thursday 9:30 AM – 11 AM and 4 – 6 PM and Friday from 11 AM to 1 PM. If you are unable to connect during one of these times, please schedule an Emergency Assistance meeting below.


  • A kind, caring, compassionate, and culturally sensitive interaction with a Student Success Advisor whose main goal is to help you overcome your current situation and continue to pursue your educational goals
  • A conversation about your current situation and any prior attempts to alleviate the situation
  • A review of your current finances as well as any financial aid and resources available to you
  • Assistance completing the Emergency Assistance Grant Application
  • A list of resources that may benefit you currently and/or in the future
  • Additional guidance based on the severity and nature of your individual situation

Documentation in support of current situation and need

  • Documentation is required for any emergency funding to be awarded
  • Examples of acceptable documentation are as follows: an eviction notice, a quote for auto repair, a repossession notice, past due utility bills, past due child care bills, medical or mental health provider bills or statements indicating specific need including a dollar amount associated to the need.

An open mind

  • Student Success Advisors are creative in their abilities to help you through a situation
  • It’s important to have an open mind when you meet with a Student Success Advisor as you may be introduced to new ideas that can help you get through your situation which may not align with previous understandings

A willingness to take action on your own behalf and follow through

  • It’s important that a student be willing to take action based on the discussion with the Student Success Advisor
  • Students may need to gather additional documentation or provide supporting statements of need.
  • There may be times when a Student Success Advisor recommends a service to a student based on need that is outside of PTCC. Students will need to pursue these resources independently for the resource to be of value.

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