Business Services

Business Services provides services to students and the campus community:

  • Student payment processing
  • Account maintenance
  • Refunds
  • Financial Aid refunds
  • Third party billing and account
  • Deposit processing (including Student Life and Student Club fundraising)
  • Student payroll processing
  • Delinquent account collections
  • Collections on past due accounts


Per MinnState policy tuition is due fifteen days prior to the start of the term. For registrations after the tuition due date, payment is due within one week.

Tuition statements are not mailed to students. To view your account or make payments online go to: e-Services (login credentials are required). 

A past-due status on your student account will prevent you from registering. 

You have incurred a financial obligation by registering for classes. If you decide not to attend, it is your responsibility to drop your classes in e-Services. It is accessed the same way as student registration. If you decide not to attend, please do not rely on the “registration cancellation for non-payment” process as a way to drop your classes.

Pay Tuition          TUITION & FEES


BankMobile Disbursement Refund Selection

Pine Technical and Community College utilizes BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc. to provide options to disburse all refunds and payroll to students. These include:

  • Financial Aid Disbursements
  • Grant Disbursements
  • Loan Disbursements
  • Overpayment Refunds
  • Student Employee Payroll
  • Tuition Refunds

Why Does PTCC Use BankMobile Disbursements?

Pine Technical and Community College uses BankMobile Disbursements to provide refund choices for students who may not be able to open a bank account for various reasons. BankMobile Disbursements is quick when providing students their funds. BankMobile Disbursements can better address issues with lost or stolen checks while preventing many issues with check fraud from the beginning.

Financial Aid Disbursement

Financial Aid is disbursed to student accounts on the Friday following the add/drop period, tenth day of the term, and then on Wednesdays and Fridays thereafter. Financial Aid refunds are sent to our refund partner, BMTX, Inc. Please review your account online through e-Services to determine if you still have a balance owed or if you will be receiving a refund.

All financial aid refunds are sent electronically to BankMobile Disbursements, a technology solution, powered by BMTX, Inc. beginning the tenth day of the term. Make sure that you have received your Refund Selection Kit and selected your refund preference prior to the financial aid disbursement.

View our Cash Management Contract 

If you are expecting a grant or loan refund and have not yet received it, you can check with Business Services to ensure everything was setup correctly with BankMobile Disbursements.

BankMobile Disbursements

Drop for Non-payment

You’re responsible to pay for the class unless you drop it.

If you register for a class but don’t attend, you’re still responsible to pay for the class. Don’t rely on the drop policy to manage your enrollment status. If you don’t want to participate in  a class, you must drop the class online in e-Services.

Students will be dropped from classes the second day of the semester at 4:30 p.m. if one of the following conditions is not met by the drop for non-payment dates:

  • You have paid your tuition in full with the PTCC Cashier Office located in the Campus Store. This may be done in person or by making a payment online (login required).
  • You have established a payment plan in your e-Services.
  • You have completed your application for financial aid and it is on file at Pine Technical and Community College (or another Minnesota State college). Check your financial aid status (login required) to verify this.
  • You have third party billing authorization or a scholarship, which covers your costs.
  • You have paid at least $300 or 15% down of tuition and fees.
  • You are a veteran registered with the VA Certifying Official for the current term.
  • You have applied as a PSEO student.

Non-Sufficient Funds (NSF) Payments

Payments will be considered non-sufficient funds (NSF) when they are returned to PTCC unpaid due to non-sufficient funds, closed account, etc. NSF payments will be reversed out of the account to which they were credited and the NSF fee will be charged. The NSF fee is currently $30.00 and is subject to change without notice. Credit or debit card payments for NSF must be accompanied by an original signature. Personal checks are not accepted as payment for NSF amounts and fees. If the reversal of the receipt causes the account to be past due, normal collection procedures will apply.

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