Pine Academies


PTCC offers high school students the opportunity to participate in several different career and technical education (CTE) academy programs called Pine Academies. Pine Academies are a series of courses focused on specific careers or areas of interest and are designed to give students a jump start on their college education and explore for a future career. Credits earned in academy courses count toward a student’s high school diploma and their future college degree, and are easily transferred to other colleges and universities. 

Pine Academies are offered at local high schools and via Interactive Television (ITV). Select academies are offered at each location, so make sure to talk with your high school counselor about availability at your school.  

The following is a list of the Pine Academies offered during the 2022-2023 academic year.


Benefits to Students 

By participating in a Pine Academy, students will:  

  1. Earn both high school and college credit  
  2. Explore specific career fields   
  3. Jump-start a college certificate, diploma, or degree 
  4. Earn transferrable credit  

 If you are interested in participating in a Pine Academy, follow these steps below:  

  1. Talk to your high school counselor to see what is available at your school 
  2. Work with your high school counselor to determine if you meet PSEO eligibility requirements  
  3. Complete the online application to PTCC. Refer to the step-by-step application guide for assistance 
  4. Register for classes 


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