Wellness at PTCC

Mission: Promote a campus culture that encourages wellbeing.

Vision: Encourage a campus culture that fosters health and wellbeing through opportunities and education.

Wellness Room

The Wellness room at PTCC is for fostering Health and Wellbeing.  We encourage anyone to use it!

The Wellness room is for:

  • Yoga andor Meditation
  • Lactation/Parent room
  • Medication Administration
  • Light Therapy
  • Health Resource Education

Wellness Model

Each month is dedicated to one aspect of the Wellness Model. Below you will find information and resources that pertain to each aspect.

September’s topic is Intellectual Wellness, which is defned as, “Recognizing creative abilities and finding wats to expand knowledge and skills”.

The Wellness Committee has chosen Bullet Journaling as a way for you to keep your brain growing!


(To print: Choose Color, Landscape, 8.5×11 paper, 1-2 sided, Flip on short edge (side), you will have to manually staple.)

Some Bullet Points About Bullet Journaling:

  • It was invented in 2013 by Ryder Carroll
  • It is a form of note-taking, planning and journaling all in one place – and is customized to fit YOU
  • It can IMPROVE MEMORY, provide STRESS RELIEF, help with GOAL SETTING, and provide an outlet for CREATIVITY

October’s topic is Occupational Wellness, which is defned as, “Making use of your natural gifts, skills, and talents in order to gain purpose, happiness, and enrichment in your life”.

Tips to improve Occupational Wellness:

  • Be organized
  • Be optimistic about your future!
  • Be open to learning- take classes for your personal and professional development!
  • Be willing to make goals for yourself
  • Be good to yourself and take breaks!

Don’t know what to do in your future? Take a STRONGs assessment. Contact Santhi Sheehan-Lusk for more information!

Join us for a Halloween Crawl on 10/31!

Halloween Crawl!

December’s topic is Environmental Wellness, which is defned as, “Good health by occupying pleasant, stmulating environments that support well-being”.

January’s topic is Physical Wellness, which is defned as, “Recognizing the need for physical activity, diet, sleep and nutrition”.


Down Dog app-

  • Free for anyone with .edu email!

MyFitnessPal-  Currently the #1 nutrition tracking app. Build healthy habits with the all-in-one food, exercise and calorie tracker.

Walking map

Activities this month: 

Peachy Queens Fitness- Hands on presentation Jan. 29th.

  • During this 30 minute interactive presentation learn the importance of physical movement and tips for how to incorporate and improve your physical wellness at work/school.

Jan. 24-Get outdoors in January! Bring your hat, gloves and scarf (and boots if needed) we are heading outside to get some much needed fresh air for a campus walk. Meet in the front entry at 9:30am, 11:30 am or 2:30 pm. *will cancel if below zero*

Cold Exposure Benefits

February’s topic is Spiritul Wellness, which is defined as “Expanding our sense of purpose and meaning in life”.



Monday, February 5th – Mindfulness Practices

The Raisin Exercise 

Free Mindfulness Activities

Monday, February 12th – Meditation Monday

11 – 11:30 Room 50

11:30 – 12 Room 50

Each session will offer some education on the benefits of Meditation and ways to practice. There will be a minimum 10 minute meditaion session included in each session as well.

Wednesday, Feburary 28th – Mindful Breathing

Every 15 Minutes from 11-12 in Room 50

Learn about the benefits of various brething activities and how they can reduce stress and calm the nervous system. Different breathing techniques will be practiced at each session.

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