Early Middle College


PTCC’s Early Middle College program allows students in state-approved alternative learning program to earn college credit while still in high school, through enrollment in and successful completion of college courses at eligible postsecondary institutions. This program is specifically designed to allow the student to earn dual high school and college credit with a well-defined pathway to allow the student to earn a postsecondary degree or credential. 

Students enrolled in the Early Middle College program will maintain their status as a member of their alternative program, while also becoming a college student and a member of the PTCC campus community. This cooperative effort on behalf of both the college and the alternative program will ensure the student receives the wrap-around supports that foster success. Students in the program will be treated like adults and are expected to meet the academic and behavior expectations of the college community. 


PTCC partners with the following Alternative Learning Programs to offer Early Middle College opportunities to high school students: 

  • East Central Crossroads 
  • Hinckley-Finlayson Empower Learning Center 
  • Mora Alternative Learning Center 
  • Pine City Alternative Learning Center 

Participation in the Early Middle College program is restricted to students enrolled in a state approved alternative learning program under the graduation incentives program as defined by the Minnesota Department of Education. Students must meet the following requirements: 

  • Must be enrolled in 11th or 12th grade 
  • Have a favorable recommendation from a designated high school official 

As a student, you are encouraged to select a career pathway and will take college courses that support that goal. Once you select a major, PTCC and high school staff will work collaboratively to determine which classes you will take to make progress on completing both your high school and college degree. Each semester, you will be given your schedule to ensure every class you take will lead you closer to your degrees. Explore all of the programs that PTCC has to offer!

PTCC and the high school staff will work together to create your support team. Both your high school counselor and the student support staff at PTCC are dedicated to helping you navigate college, succeed in your courses and fit into the college campus community. Support for students who require physical or learning accommodation is available at PTCC.   For more information, review “Student Services” tab in top menu.

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