Cyber Security



The Cyber Security AAS provides students with training in the technologies, theories, and skills used in cyber operations and computer security. Students learn about legal issues governing the authorized conduct of cyber operations, how to properly install, configure, manage, and monitor various operating systems and security appliances.

Additionally, students get hands on practice designing, installing, configuring, and troubleshooting multiple types of information technology networks and systems. At the conclusion of the program, students can be immediately employed, or transfer to pursue a bachelor’s degree in information assurance or cyber security.



Students completing this AAS will be able to: 

  1. Assemble, install, configure and troubleshoot computer hardware; 
  2. Install, configure, manage, and monitor popular operating systems and services; 
  3. Design, install, configure and troubleshoot information technology networks;  
  4. Apply critical thinking to the resolution of technological issues faced by businesses; and 
  5. Demonstrate honesty, integrity, professionalism, ethical decision making and lifelong learning while applying network administration skills to supporting users and businesses. 


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Cyber Security and Network Administration


Student Testimonials

Alize Love-Miller

“I was looking into two year schools that had a good Cyber program and had a high graduation rate. One of my coworkers told me about PTCC, and I looked up what programs PTCC offered and decided to apply.  So far, I have loved being at PTCC. My professors are all extremely helpful and willing to give recommendations on study tools to use as well as what courses to take. They are always willing to explain things if I don’t understand something and are extremely understanding.”

Stephanie Binner

“I landed on Cyber Security because of my interest in computers and technology. I enrolled at PTCC and Chris Morgan (Cyber Instructor) had an opportunity for an internship through Abbott. I applied, and within weeks of starting the program, I was working as a Product Analyst and have gained great real world experience and knowledge through the opportunity.

I’ve had great experiences with the classes and instruction through PTCC and would highly reccomend the program to others looking to break ground into the world of Cyber Security.”

Noelle Robertson

“I’ve learned a lot during my time studying Cyber Security at PTCC, but the most valuable learning experiences were probably participating in the Cyber Defense Team and taking first place at state and my internship with ECMECC last summer. Practical and real world experiences are important for applying skills learned in class and understanding how different threat landscapes can be for different industries.”

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