Automated Systems Technology



In the Automated Systems Technology (AST) program, the student will be introduced to both electrical and mechanical systems and learn how they work together. Students will focus on building a foundation of knowledge in AC and DC electricity, fluid power systems, mechanical systems, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), motor controls, and robotics.

Students will develop both the technical skills that are associated with the subjects above and soft skills by working on projects individually and within groups. They will learn the importance of teamwork and individual responsibilities and how they correlate to the overall success of a project. These projects mirror projects in industry, familiarizing students with project scopes, timelines, system designs, project documentation, individual and group responsibilities, system testing, troubleshooting, machine startups and training.



Students completing this progam will be able to:

  • Safely and efficiently start-up, shut down, operate, trouble shoot, and optimize the operation of automated systems
  • Analyze and apply scientific troubleshooting knowledge and technology in the areas of electrical, mechanical, software and program code
  • Assemble, install, troubleshoot, and repair automated systems
  • Apply a knowledge of mathematics, science, and technology to problems that require the application of principles and applied procedures or methodologies
  • Demonstrate professional ethics: honestly, respect, teamwork, reliability and initiative when dealing with peers and supervisors
  • Apply written, oral, and graphical communication in both technical and non-technical environments


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