American Sign Language



The American Sign Language program is taken part-time over a two-year period. Graduates will be prepared and/or meet prerequisites for an Interpreter program, have sign language skills to work and communicate with deaf and hard of hearing people, meet World Language requirements at the high school and college/university level, and meet entrance requirements for undergraduate or graduate programs in ASL Studies.



Students completing this certificate will be able to: 

  • Produce basic expressive/receptive sign language communicative skills 
  • Demonstrate appropriate ASL linguistic and grammatical structure in signing 
  • Demonstrate functional language aptitude in American Sign Language 
  • Produce basic expressive/receptive signing of number systems – functional and abstract 
  • Demonstrate basic fluency in receptive and expressive pragmatics and production of fingerspelling in ASL 
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of Deaf Culture 



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